Welcome to Robyn's Nest ~ 1291 W. Market St., Germantown, Oh

Robyn's Nest is a non-profit animal rescue and adoption organization located at 1291 W. Market St., Germantown, Ohio. It is operated by Robyn McGeorge, a registered veterinary technician. She graduated with an associate of applied science in veterinary technology in 1994 from Raymond Walters College, University of Cincinnati.

Adoption process

If you are interested in adopting from Robyn's Nest you may come in to the rescue, or check our website for available animals to adopt.  Some animals live in foster homes, so if you would like to meet one of them, let us know and we will have the foster parent contact you to set up a meeting.  Adoption applications are available on our website or at the rescue.  We do check veterinary references to see if your current or past pets have been well cared for.  We like to see that basic veterinary care has been provided including spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm testing and prevention.

Get A Great Groom AND Help Homeless Animals!

Cocoa and Hershey were groomed by Becky at Robyn's

Nest. They love their haircuts and they are so happy to

have helped save the lives of homeless animals with

Robyn's Nest has moved!

Robyn's Nest has moved to Germantown as of Sept 1st, 2015.  Our new building is much larger, brighter and cheerier!  

The cats and small animals have separate rooms, so cat hair will be less of a problem.  

The world never runs out of homeless animals, and YOU can help! Did you know........

50 percent of the money you spend on grooming at Robyn's Nest goes to help homeless animals!    We need our grooming clients in order to keep helping the animals.  Please tell your friends and family about our wonderful groomers, Victoria and Becky. They are  very gentle with the animals and makes them look great!

Robyn's Nest

Robyn's Nest  Animal Rescue

dogs, cats, small animals

247-9272 ~1291 W. Market St., Germantown, OH 45327


Day, Evening & Sat. appts.




CAT BOARDING at rescue

PET SITTING avail. in your home

 Mon. 9-5 ~Tues. 2-8 ~Wed. 9-5 ~Thurs. 2-8 ~  

Sat. 10-4  ~  Fri. & Sun. grooming only by appt. ~ 

  Robyn's Nest is NON-PROFIT 

Proceeds go to rescue homeless animals

Please stop in and see us!




Donation Wish List

We could use any of the following items. Any donation would be greatly appreciated! 


We met our shoe goal! But don't stop bringing more shoes. The collection will continue.

Thanks to everyone who donated shoes .  We have collected 2500 pr. of shoes and they will be picked up this week.  We will be receiving $1,000.00 from Woof Trax. The money will help keep our rescue animals warm this winter, as well as fed and in good health! What a blessing.  Please continue to  bring  your old wearable shoes,( boots, slippers, heels, sandals, anything) , they can be childrens or adults, to Robyn's Nest in Germantown.

Wyatt Horatio got adopted!

Wyatt has been adopted to a couple who recently lost their min pin at 14 yrs of age. He will have a fenced yard and a creek to play in!

The Adventures of Mini, the Trucker Dog

Mini is a small pit and she had been looking for a home for 2 years before finding her special person.  Not only does Mini have a Mom, Julia, now she has a new life, traveling the country! Mini and her Mom drive a truck all over the USA.  Mini loves to ride in the truck and she is great company for her Mom.


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