Low cost spay/neuter clinics

Low cost (and sometimes free!) spay/neuter clinics

Robyn’s Nest provides this list of low cost spay/neuter clinics to offer an alternative to full service vet hospitals.  I want you to understand the differences so that you can make an informed decision for your pet.  Every vet clinic and spay/neuter clinic is different.  Some have registered veterinary technicians to help care for your pet, others do not.  They all have different anesthesia and pain management protocols.  Some have more monitoring equipment than others to help detect a problem, and some are more equipped than others to handle problems if they arise.  It is best to ask questions and make sure you are comfortable with the answers before choosing a place for your pet to have surgery.  Robyn’s Nest recommends that you have your pet spayed/neutered at your regular veterinarian, but we understand that sometimes cost can be an issue.  If that is the case we recommend these spay/neuter clinics in this order.

Pets in Stitches: 937-630-3320.  8265 Springboro Pike.

SICSA: 937-294-6505.  2600 Wilmington Pike, Kettering.             

 The Rascal Unit: 614-791-7729.  mobile clinic.

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton: 937-268-7387.  1661 Nicholas Rd., Dayton

The Pet Advocate League: 937-278-8330. (cats only). PO Box 24, Dayton, OH 45405

Other options in the area that I don’t have details on:

            Miamisburg TNR program- ferals from Msbg/Miami Twshp only- 937-847-6536   

            UCAN- 513-721-7387- Cincinnati

            OAR- 513-871-7297- Cincinnati

            His Hands Extended- 937-663-0015- St. Paris

            Darke County Humane Society MASH unit- 937-548-1009/ 937-548-7299