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These are the pets available for adoption at Robyn's Nest. All dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, wormed, and micro-chipped. Dogs are heart-worm negative and on prevention. Cats are tested for Feline leukemia and FIV.

Adoption fees are as follows:
- Dogs over 8 years $150
- Dogs 6 months to 8 years $200
- Dogs under 6 months (puppies) $250
- Cat, chinchilla, ferret,rats and pot-bellied pig $60
- Rabbits $60

-Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice $20 

-Guinea pigs $40 - Purebred Cats & Dogs Are an additional $50
IF you adopt a SECOND pet as a companion, it is half price!

All of our rats, rabbits, and female guinea pigs are spayed/neutered which should increase their lifespan and keep them from getting tumors.

“Due to the pandemic, we are asking anyone who is interested in adoption to fill out an application at prior to meeting an animal. We will check references and then contact you to discuss the application before scheduling an appointment to meet the animal. This will decrease the amount of foot traffic in the rescue and in our foster’s homes. Thank you for understanding!  Please feel free to call the rescue a time for more information at 937-247-9272.”

UPDATE on Audi: As our adoptable dogs spend time in foster homes, we're always learning more about them. Audi needs a home with a TALL fence. He clears a 3 1/2 ft fence with no problems. About Audi: Audi is a 2 ½ year old Husky mix who joined us on Tuesday, May 11th 2010. He was a stray who was picked up in Preble County . We heard that his life was spared for several weeks because of his friendly nature. We now completely understand how this could happen. Audi's foster mom says, "Audi is a delight to have in our home. We have grown quite attached to him in a short period of time." And because of that, they have decided to adopt Audi! YEAH! Physical Appearance: Audi is a cream color but with the dark brushing of color that Huskies commonly have. He weighs 45 pounds. He has brown eyes but one eye has flecks of blue like Huskies have. Disposition: Audi has a sweet disposition. He likes to reward us with kisses whenever he sees us. He is very quiet and rarely barks. He loves to be brushed and although he doesn’t shed a lot, he will need to be brushed from time to time. He does not mind taking a bath or shower or a blow dryer being used on him. He isn’t bothered by a lawn mower or loud noises. You can disrupt him while he is eating or chewing a bone and he gives you a kiss. He is GREAT to walk on a leash, especially with a harness. Training: He is completely house-trained. He knows commands such as Sit, Down and Stay. We have had him off leash and he does not run away. He will wander though if given the freedom as we quickly found out when we left our gate open by accident. Food: He eats regularly and leaves food in the bowl. He does not really beg but he is aware if you are eating and waits at a distance for you to drop something he can clean up. He loves rawhide bones of any kind. Play: He doesn’t retrieve an item to return to you but he will play for a long time with a toy by himself. He loves to go running. He is high energy but not in an annoying way. We do try and walk him at least once a day which makes him very happy. Other Dogs: He gets along with our dog beautifully. He is much younger than she and loves to try and get her to play. Our dog is bothered by thunderstorms and Audi realized this and tried to give her kisses to calm her down. Likes/Dislikes: He likes to lie on his dog bed for naps and at times will snuggle with us on our bed at night but he doesn’t stay for long. He does not ever lay on our other furniture, at least that we know of. He loves to ride in the car but we have to chase him out of the front seat. He loves to be scratched behind the ears.