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These are the pets available for adoption at Robyn's Nest. All dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, wormed, and micro-chipped. Dogs are heart-worm negative and on prevention. Cats are tested for Feline leukemia and FIV.

Adoption fees are as follows:
- Dogs over 8 years $150
- Dogs 6 months to 8 years $200
- Dogs under 6 months (puppies) $250
- Cat, chinchilla, ferret,rats and pot-bellied pig $60
- Rabbits $60

-Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice $20 

-Guinea pigs $40 - Purebred Cats & Dogs Are an additional $50
IF you adopt a SECOND pet as a companion, it is half price!

All of our rats, rabbits, and female guinea pigs are spayed/neutered which should increase their lifespan and keep them from getting tumors.

intake 12/12/17
found as a stray
gray tabby
green eyes
not declawed
dob approx 12/14/08
7.3 lbs
   In the home environment Branch quickly found a favorite spot and claims it
 daily. He loves to lay on the sheep skin on the ottoman in the living room.
 He “kneeds” on the sheep skin which keeps him from kneeding other places.
 When told “no” he
 listens and stops immediately. Branch is not interested in the cat toy balls
 with bells but prefers a piece of paper he finds on the floor
 to bat around. He loves to sleep and eat. When holding a string in front of
 him while laying down he will take one paw and swat at it and go right back
 to sleep.
    Branch likes to greet you in his own time. He is fine with being picked up, but not until he gets to know you. 
    Branch knows the sound of the can of cat food being opened and will be there
 in a flash. However, he waits patiently for his food bowl to be placed when
 it is his turn. He comes when his name is called. He will show up once in
 awhile for a quick petting then back to his sheep skin.
     When the little kids come he will hang around to get food or water and will head
 upstairs or downstairs for some privacy.