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These are the pets available for adoption at Robyn's Nest. All dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, wormed, and micro-chipped. Dogs are heart-worm negative and on prevention. Cats are tested for Feline leukemia and FIV.

Adoption fees are as follows:
- Dogs over 8 years $150
- Dogs 6 months to 8 years $200
- Dogs under 6 months (puppies) $250
- Cat, chinchilla, ferret,rats and pot-bellied pig $60
- Rabbits $60

-Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice $20 

-Guinea pigs $40 - Purebred Cats & Dogs Are an additional $50
IF you adopt a SECOND pet as a companion, it is half price!

All of our rats, rabbits, and female guinea pigs are spayed/neutered which should increase their lifespan and keep them from getting tumors.

“Due to the pandemic, we are asking anyone who is interested in adoption to fill out an application at prior to meeting an animal. We will check references and then contact you to discuss the application before scheduling an appointment to meet the animal. This will decrease the amount of foot traffic in the rescue and in our foster’s homes. Thank you for understanding!  Please feel free to call the rescue a time for more information at 937-247-9272.”

Holly is a female tri-colored beagle born around 12/13/08. She was brought to Robyn's Nest as a stray in December 2018 and then became part of a cruelty investigation. 14 long months later she was finally surrendered to us! Holly is the best little beagle ever! She is getting used to her foster family and fitting in with the pack quite well. Holly likes to sit on the sofa with her blanket and watch the three other “big” dogs play. She loves her warm sweater and wears it with pride. Holly loves to eat, as all beagles do! Her BF is our 100lb Great Pyrenees pup and he lets her steal mouthfuls of food as he eats. She grabs a mouthful and runs to the TV room to eat it. It’s hysterical to watch. If she’s cold she snuggles up to our Great Pyrenees, heck, we all do! Holly loves to hang with everybody outside. She rolls in the leaves and the gravel drive. She also loves to walk in the woods and smell EVERYTHING! It’s a beagle thing. She is learning to go potty outside (she has never been an indoor dog) and very proud of herself when she accomplishes her mission. She does have accidents sometimes, but it’s usually because her foster humans aren’t paying attention. Holly is a nosy girl, always wanting to know what the family is up to. If she can’t find us she howls until we say “ Holly, I’m over here!" and she comes walking over wagging her tail. She doesn’t bark or howl much, ONLY if the other three dogs start barking or howling. She very rarely barks when someone is at the door. She gets along with the cats just fine. Holly likes to chew bones and steals them from the Great Pyrenees pup. Holly likes to nap a lot. Well, she is 11 yrs old. I think she would do well in a calm household. I think having a buddy more her size would be beneficial. Holly does like to go for rides in the car, especially to the bank since they give her treats! Holly will make a great addition to someone’s family! She is truly a sweet sweet girl. --