If you have a grooming appointment scheduled, don't worry. we will keep you updated and we are working on a temp. location.

Samuel is found!!

Samuel got hungry and came back to his foster home.  He went to the live trap for some tasty food. He is a lucky, front declawed cat , back with his foster family.  I know he doesn't look like he agrees, but he is safe.  Thank goodness. 

Thanks to everyone who looked for Samuel and shared his message.  large_Robyns Nest rescue cat, Samuel.jpg

Please read about our huge problem and maybe you can help!

We thought that we could continue to groom in the one room at Robyn's Nest that did not sustain much tornado damage.  Now the restoration company tells us that WE MUST BE OUT AT THE END OF TODAY.  We need to find a small space in the Germantown area, or a camper, mobile unit, etc. that we could groom out of from our building site.

If you know of anyone who could donate or rent space or a molibe facility to us for a month or two, please call immediately.  

We do not want to lose our grooming business or our groomers.  Grooming is a major part of financing our rescue.     

Please share this information with everyone you can think of.  Call 937-247-9272 with any thoughts or help that you know about.  

Thank you Twin Maples Vet Hospt., Germantown Vet Clinic & Scratching Post Cat Hospital

We what to thank Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital, Scratching Post Cat Hospital and Germantown Veterinary Clinic for letting us board our cats and dogs at their facilities, until our rescue is repaired. We are grateful to have so many animal hospitals that care about animals and are so willing to help until our tornado damaged bldg. is repaired.  Thank you so much!

Robyn's Nest hit by Saturdays storm, roof & water damage! Open for business!!

Robyn's Nest sustained water damage when part of the roof was blown off during Saturday's storm.  All of our animals are safe and were all spared being hit by falling ceiling tiles.

   We are open for business.  If you have been thinking about adoption, now is the time!  Our dogs, cats, rats and guinea pigs would love to go to a loving, cool, dry home! Fill out an application to adopt or come in & meet our animals.  If you don't want to adopt, perhaps you will consider fostering a pet until our rescue is repaired & we have full power again. the Eagles Lodge, next door, is kind enough to let us use their electric for necessities.

large_Robyns nest damage 3.jpglarge_Robyns nest damage 2.jpglarge_Robyns nest damage 4.jpgRobyns Nest damage 5.jpg

get 8 month flea & tick protection with Seresto, available at Robyn's Nest

Seresto collar is easy to use, non-greasy and odorless

Veterinarian approved 

Protects your pet from fleas and ticks for 8 months

Water resistant for bathing or swimming once a month      

Kills and repels fleas before they lay eggs

Kills chewing lice 

more baths or swims may reduce effective times to 5mo fleas & 7 mo. ticks


seeresto cans.jpg

Remember we also carry Advantage II and Frontline Plus

All proceeds go to the care of homeless animals!

Get a great groom & 50% of your groom $$ go to support our rescue!

large_robyns nest groom pom.jpgMini the trucker_1.jpgcrobyns Nest groom May, 2018_0.jpglarge_robyns nest groom chewy.jpgrobyns Nest groom april '18.jpg​​​​​​ Our prices are very competitive and 50% of your grooming fee goes to care for our rescue animals. Our groomers, Becky & Victoria are friendly and love their clients. We only use high quality grooming products to keep your pet safe, healthy and looking great. Call today! 247-9272

large_robyns nest bentley and biscuit groom.jpgmedium_robyns Nest groom bubby_1.jpgmedium_Mater.jpgmedium_Robyns Nest groom with Becky_0.jpglarge_Robyns Nest groom, Patches_1.jpg







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