Yard sale

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           Robyn's Nest Yard Sale

                 May 15th, 9-4

        Germantown City Wide Sale....Don't Miss it!

      Help the animals, and help                yourself to great savings



Meet a loyal Robyn's Nest Customer

large_robynsnest Stew-e.jpg   Stew-e is one of our most handsome customers!  He came to Robyn's Nest with his mom to pick out a new harness and get his nails trimmed.  Stew-e and his mom wanted Stew-e to have a safe harness because Stew-e just found exactly how strong he is!.  Stew-e had his DNA checked, and he is 4% Pit Bull 

Come volunteer !

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Volunteer to help keep us fed, socialized and clean!

Help needed Monday & Saturday afternoons and Thursday evenings 

If you can help a couple hours, please fill out an application form here on our website. 


Board Your Pet at Robyn's Nest

 Personalized care              3 Walks a Day

 2 meals a day                 treats if allowed

lots of attention from our loving volunteers

And your boarding money goes to save homeless animals!

Dog $25.00 per night        Cats & small animals $15.00 per night    2  animals boarding in the same cage/ 50% off for 2nd pet

large_dog in bed_1.png

Pictured below is Wee, a boarder, getting lots of love from our

volunteer, Alaina.

large_Wee and alaina cropped.jpg



                          Call Robyn's Nest when your dog needs a bath

                   BATH, EARS, NAILS AND BLOW DRY

                                                call 937-247-9272 to schedule  




      We really need to collect a lot of shoes in the next           month to meet our quota. Please bring us your                 shoes, any kind, any size, as long as they are                 wearable, we will take them.                                                           cartoon dog and shoe_0.jpg


Ohio Pet Friendly License Plates help Ohio's Animals

 Did you know that by paying just $25 extra, you can get a cute Pet Friendly License Plate for your car. The BEST PART is that $15 of that money goes to animal shelters, spay and neuter programs and educational programs for animals right here in Ohio.  Shelters, humane sociities, rescues, senior citizens, low income families, and veterans all benefit from this program. Grants are also given out to Ohio groups for their spay/neuter programs. Robyn's Nest is in the process of applying for a BMV spay/neuter grant. Please consider paying a little extra for your license plates, knowing that your money will be helping animals right here in Ohio.  Thanks, Robyn 

UPDATE!  Robyn's Nest just received a Spay & Neuter Grant 

               from the Ohio Pet Fund

Robyn's Nest

Robyn's Nest  Animal Rescue

dogs, cats, small animals

247-9272   ~   1291 W. Market St., Germantown, OH 45327   





PET BOARDING at rescue

WE CAN RECCOMMEND PET SITTERS  avail. in your home

 Mon. 9-5 ~Tues. 2-8 ~Wed. 9-5 ~Thurs. 2-8 ~  

Sat. 10-4     

  Robyn's Nest is NON-PROFIT 

Proceeds go to rescue homeless animals

Please stop in and see us!


Online Auction a Huge Success!


Thanks to everyone who participated in our  Bidding Owl online auction. We were able to make $1,800.00 to support the rescue.  That money will help us with a lot of veterinary bills and keep a roof over our animals.  Thank you so much for your support.  A lot of people got great buys and a some people went over and above, paying even more than their item was valued at. heart  heart  Even the people who placed bids but didn't win helped us, by raising the final bids. 

Thanks to everyone !  We will be having another auction around August.  Keep watching for more information.

A previous resident comes to visit!

We love it when old residents stop by for a visit!                                Tom Thumbkins, now named Felix, came in for a nail trim yesterday.  He is a happy boy and, as you can see by his photos, his Mom loves him a lot! This is what we hope for with each adoption at Robyn's Nest. Felix is pictured here with Robyn, giving his opinion on nail trims.  He is also shown with Robyn and his Mom, and can't you see how much she loves him!heart

large_Robyns Nest Robyn and Tom Thumbkins, Felix.jpg                                                                             Robyns Nest Tom Thumb, Felix , robyn and his Mom_0.jpg