Ask the Vet: Question/Answer for October 2007

Question:Hi, I am moving in with my fiance and he has two dogs-Inky and Fidget. Fidget is a mixed breed, very aggressive. I have two cats that I will be bringing with me but Fidget acts like he is going to attack them. He has very pit-bull like behavior in that when angered, he will attack at the neck and hang on! I'm terrified for my cats but can't bear the thought of giving them up. He is also like this with other dogs except for Inky, the one he lives with. I have researched this on the internet looking for answers and can't find anything in specific relation to this. Can you help me? Is there something we can do? Or should I try to find another home for my cats?

thank you,



I have spoken with a vet and another technician who does a lot of behavior work, and we are all in agreement. You should not risk your cats by moving them in with Fidget. It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. If Fidget is very aggressive, I would suggest speaking with a behaviorist about his issues. Any basic training you can do with him can help, but speaking with a behaviorist could help you find other ways to work with him. I hope that he is not aggressive with you or other people. That could be a whole different story. I am curious if Fidget is neutered. You may want to speak with your veterinarian as well. Sometimes aggression can be due to a physical problem. For your cats, perhaps you could create a safe haven in your house for them. An enclosed porch or their own room may allow them to stay with you as long as Fidget obeys rules and does not try to get into their space. Good luck with your move and in keeping all of your animals safe.