Donation Wish List

We could use any of the following items. Any donation would be greatly appreciated! 

Pet Food

Purina One or Purina Proplan cat/kitten/dog/senior/Healthy metabolism

Canned cat/kitten food

Canned dog food

Rat food (square meal type)

Ferret food

Rodent treats

Chinchilla food

Dark green veggies for guinea pigs (broccoli, kale, spinach, green peppers. Swiss chard, mustard greens)

Timothy hay

Cat treats


Cash for vet bills

Gift cards to Petsmart, Kroger, Staples, Office Depot

Office Supplies


Tape (scotch & packing)

Printer paper

Rubber bands

White out/ correction tape

Dry erase markers

Wide permanent markers

White spray paint

Folders w/2 pockets

Animal Care

Cage dryers

Scoopable cat litter

Paper based bedding for rodents

Styptic powder for dog toenails

Water bottle for rodent aquarium

Feliway spray or diffuser


Laundry detergent

30 and 55 gallon trash bags

Pet-safe salt for winter ice


All-purpose cleaner w/o bleach

Toilet paper

Cotton mopheads

Carpet cleaner in spray bottle

Paper Towels

Hand dishwashing soap

Latex gloves

Air fresheners

Liquid hand soap gallon refills

Duster on long stick to reach ceiling


Animal Fun

Peanut butter

Spray cheese

Large Kong type toys

Puzzle toys to hide food in


Oxbow hay houses for rabbits and rodents

Baby mobile for cats

Cat toys on strings


Rewearable shoes